Jumbo Sparkle Confetti Balloon


    Jumbo Sparkle Confetti Balloon

    A Jumbo Sparkle Confetti Balloon. This is a helium filled jumbo clear confetti balloon, around 90cm in diameter it is sure to impress everybody!

    • You choose the confetti colour/s
    • You choose the lighted ribbon colour
    • Personalise the balloon for only $10 more

    Begin Customising your balloon here!

    Type in your preferred colours followed by a comma (ie) red, green, yellow.
    We can add jumbo 86cm helium filled numbers to your Sparkle Surprize. If it's a 9th birthday, add a number 9, if it's a 21st birthday, add a 2-1. Make a Statement for special birthdays. Available in Gold - Silver - Blue - Hot Pink - Rose Gold and Red. Foil Balloon Numbers will be on the outside of the box
    Jumbo Foil Number/s