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How long will a Sparkle Surprize last after it is received?

The Sparkle Surprize Bubble Balloon will actually float for up to a month, way more than a week, the Sparkle Surprize Ribbon Lites will last 2 to 3 days if left on but if turned off overnight, they will last a week or more and the batteries can be replaced. Our stunning balloon bouquets last for ages and ages.

Do we deliver Australia Wide?

We deliver in Brisbane and the Gold Coast on the same day or next day, if you would like to send a Sparkle Surprize in another state, we can also deliver by Sparkle Suprize Courier. Delivery times can vary from next day to 2 to 3 days depending on which state and suburb, we ask that you call us and we can discuss this with you on the phone or you can email us. Delivery by Courier is a little extra due to the size of the Gift Box and we turn the lights off during delivery by courier, but we have a large note on the inside of the box asking the recipient to turn on the lights of their Sparkle Surprize, so they can see the incredibly beautiful effect that the Ribbon Lites give.

What if a design is not available?

From time to time the balloon designs are not available from our suppliers or we may sell out, although we do everything possible to assure the balloon design that you choose is delivered, we may occasionally be out of stock of that design, in the event that this happens, we will substitute a balloon design as close to the one you have chosen.

Do they get to keep the gift box as well as the Bubble balloon and ribbon lites?

Yes, the gift box that the Sparkle Surprize is delivered in is included and left with the person celebrating the occasion.

Are there any markings on the gift box indicating what is inside?

No, the reason we call it a “Sparkle Surprize” is because we believe that the element of surprise in opening the white gift box is so important. The White Gift Box has a beautiful tulle bow on the outside, ( in the colour of your choice ) and it is only when the bow is undone and the box flaps are opened that the balloon and lighted ribbon floats out. There is no gift card on the outside of the box, only a small card with the person’s name on, they will only know who it is from and they will read the message once they lift the Sparkle Surprize out of the gift box. Your message may be personal or the sender may be private, this way only the person receiving the Sparkle Surprize knows, unless they share.

Can you deliver a Sparkle Surprize the same day?

Yes, we can certainly deliver on the same day in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. As each Sparkle Surprize is made especially for you and we personalise the bubble balloon to suit the occasion, we add the Ribbon Lites in your chosen colour and the box for the box in your chosen colour, it takes us time to prepare them fresh, hence there may be a same day surcharge but we will do our absolute best to deliver when you require it, we even deliver at night, see the next question.

Do we deliver at night, to restaurants and parties at the actual celebration?

Yes, we are the only delivery service of our kind, that we are aware of, that will deliver to the party at night, either at a Restaurant, or home, or function centre. If you wish to have the person celebrating their special occasion, receive an in person delivery at the party, we can make it happen. It is a little more expensive, but we even delivery Saturday nights and Sundays. ( Brisbane and Gold Coast Only at this time).

What if the occasion is not listed here, do we have other Bubble Balloons?

There are many more Bubble Balloons that make up the Sparkle Surprizes available, we have added the most popular occasions onto our website.If you do not see the balloon themed in the occasion that you need, call us and we will make it happen. We are adding new Sparkle Surprize themed balloons all the time and of course we have seasonal balloons for Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day and more. We can even create a personalised balloon for any occasion, see the next question for more information.

Can you put the person’s name and special occasion on a balloon?

Yes, we can create a personalised Bubble balloon for anyone, we add the name and occasion onto the balloon with a special die cut vinyl cutting machine. This does cost a little extra and deliveries are no problem in the Brisbane and Gold Coast Area. We can add the name to any Sparkle Surprize and it’s only $10 more, only $10 to make your Sparkle Surprize unique and we can now personalise the box as well.

Can I pick up a Sparkle Surprize?

Yes, you can choose to pick up a sparkle surprize but please be advised that if you are choosing one in a large white box, these boxes are LARGE ! They will fit in an SUV or station wagon with the back seats folded down but it will not fit in a normal car door.  Our stunning balloon bouquets are large but should fit in most normal size cars.