We just love delivering balloons

We have had the absolute pleasure of delivering balloon gift deliveries to many people over the past couple of weeks and every balloon delivery has given us as much pleasure as the person who received it seemed to get. The look on their face when we walk in with the beautiful big gift box. The look of wonder as to what could be inside. The Smile that appears on their face when they pull the bow and open the box and the beautiful balloon floats up with the lighted ribbon attached, it is truly heartening to bring smiles to people with balloons.

When we first conceived the concept of a Sparkle Surprize, we knew that it was unique, we knew that by adding lights to balloon deliveries and then hiding everything inside a beautiful big gift box would be magical, what we did not realise was that we would gain as much pleasure, as much satisfaction in delivering them as the person would receive by being given them.

Thank you so our valued customers who have ordered Sparkle Surprizes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the past couple of weeks, we would love to share some photos of some of the happy people who received them.

Mark and Kajira Bailey.
( Sparkle Surprize / Sparkle Lites / Party Dots Creators ).

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